Heidi is a motivational speaker who presents at schools, organizations, corporations, and events. For more information, email


Heidi's keynote address at our annual conference for families with deaf and hard of hearing children was very well received.  Many parents of young deaf and hard of hearing children attending the conference mentioned that after hearing Heidi's presentation they began to think, for the first time, that their children could grow- up and accomplish just as much (if not more!) than any other child.  She truly is an inspiration to young deaf and hard of hearing children, their families, and the Deaf community!.

Sally-Ann Anderson Birth to Six Services Coordinator  Wisconsin Educational Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Heidi Zimmer is inspired, magnificent and wonderful speaker. Variety (from Elementary to University) love her presentation.

Nancy V. Becker Deaf Advocacy for the Deaf communities in New England and former American Sign Language Professor at Northeastern University in Boston

Heidi Zimmer’s presentation was fantastic.

Lisa Chiango Co-Director of Deaf-Blind Contact Center, Inc.

Heidi Zimmer's inspiring plenary presentation on Seven Summits during Deaf Way II was well received. She is living proof that difficult obstacles can be overcome with determination regardless of individual disability.

Harvey Goodstein Retired Gallaudet University Mathematics Professor and former chair of Deaf Way II.