Slide Heidi pointed to Mt. Elbrus. On the next day, we are going there! Slide Heidi (fuchsia cap) pointed towards the peak of Mount Elbrus. Slide Heidi hiked to the Pastukhov Rocks for acclimatization. Slide Heidi had a sunburn and greasy hair after acclimatization. Slide Around 6 am Heidi took a 10 minute break from climbing to watch the sunrise in the background. Slide Heidi Zimmer - First Deaf person to climb Mt. Elbrus Slide Heidi in all her glory, determined to climb on another expedition trip to meet her goal.

Mt. Elbrus, Republic of Russia

Continent: Europe

18,510 feet

August 15, 1992
First Deaf person to ascend this summit.

From a hut at an altitude of 13,500 feet, Heidi left at 3:30 a.m. on August 15, 1992, to begin her ascent. It took her nine hours to reach the top. As she waited for the other three climbers, Heidi took in the beautiful view of Elbrus and the adjoining mountains. After resting for 45 minutes, she took three hours and half to reach the base. Physically and mentally exhausted, Heidi basked in the knowledge that she had become the first Deaf person to reach the top of Mt. Elbrus.